Brief Introduction


Lee and Li-Leaven IPR Agency Ltd (“Leaven”), established in October 2003, is a patent agency approved by the the China National Intellectual Property Administration ("CNIPA"; formerly known as the State Intellectual Property Office, "SIPO", of the P.R.C.), and a trademark agency approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (CTMO). Our central tenet is to provide comprehensive, efficient and high-quality intellectual property service to our customers in the emerging Greater China economic circle. 

After 10 years’ rapid growth, Leaven now retains over 90 employees including patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, lawyers, patent technicians and legal assistants for trademark affairs proficient in patent commissioning, patent litigation, trademark services, trademark litigation, copyright registration and dispute settlement, domain name registration and dispute settlement, IP management, and IP licensing. Our patent team covers a wide range of technical fields such as mechanics, industrial design, electronics & communications, computing, integrated circuitry, photo electronics, automation, materials engineering, ship engineering, machine manufacturing, chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Based on the same principal of service and widespread anticipation for the economic development of the Greater China area, Leaven has established a close cooperative alliance with Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law, a long-standing law firm in Taiwan, as well as Shanghai Leaven Attorneys-at-Law. Leaven, Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law, and Shanghai Leaven Attorneys-at-Law share resources and cooperate to provide multinational corporations and other customers in the Greater China area with legal or professional consultation services relating to such areas as patent application, trademark application, IP management and protection and IP enforcement (including rights protection, halting infringement activities, and licensing), among others