Global/transnational IPR services

In addition to filing patent applications in China, Leaven also assists its clients in handling overseas IPR protection. Leaven has been vigorously involved in the strategic planning of both transnational IPR protection and commercialization of IPR rights for its clients. Leaven has been engaged in providing services such as patent harvesting, transnational patent applications and (patent) registration maintenance afterward (including patent applications, deposits and mail services for biological material for patent applications, technical responses, filings of new applications after the revision of patent application documents, forwarding patent-related registration certificates and annuity management) and worldwide patent protection consultation for years. Since Leaven is experienced in handling transnational and comprehensive patent-related legal services, not only do its services meet overseas clients' needs but those services are also highly praised.

The characteristics of Leaven's global IPR protection services are:

  1. We provide transnational IPR protection services in a variety of technical fields
    Most employees of Leaven's patent department hold Masters or Doctoral degrees. Their areas of expertise include mechanics, industrial design, electronic communications, computers, integrated circuits, optoelectronic, automatic control, material engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, machinery manufacture, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.
  2. We have a team of legal specialists consisting of PRC patent attorneys, U.S. patent attorneys and Taiwan patent attorneys.
    Many of our professionals hold qualifications such as PRC patent attorney certificates, U.S patent attorney certificates and Taiwan patent attorney certificates and PRC attorney-at-law certificates. They are fluent in English and for some Japanese is their second working language. They can draft patent specifications in foreign languages which meet the requirements of major countries. Most of our professionals have participated in training or courses concerning IPR protections held in the U.S., Europe, Japan and regions such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. A small number have had internship experience or training in foreign law firms. Our team of PRC patent agents, U.S. patent attorneys and Taiwan patent attorneys as well as PRC attorney-at-laws can certainly meet our clients' needs in patent applications/litigation in most major countries. Our attorneys-at-law may attend to cases such as patent administrative resolution, patent invalidation, and patent disputes in relevant countries on behalf of our clients.
  3. Our professionals are quite familiar with know-how and newly developed technologies of different industries, and therefore our services and legal advices certainly adapt to development in technology and industries.
  4. The support of patent translation services
    Leaven possesses a patent translation service platform to support our patent applications/litigation services for clients at home and aboard. The platform provides patent translation services between Chinese (simplified/traditional) and English or Japanese. Thanks to the process/quality management of the translation business of our translation service platform, the quality of Leaven's translation services as well as our professional services have been greatly improved. Our company has also developed a scientific and technical vocabulary database. As a key feature of our patent translation services, this database plays an important role in supporting transnational patent application services for our clients at home and aboard.
  5. We have formed a mechanism to perform real-time monitoring of the latest changes/amendments/modifications of relevant IPR laws of different countries.
    Ongoing, our company keeps an eye on the latest changes/amendments/modifications to the patent laws, newly issued court verdicts, official decisions, and legal precedents of different countries in a manner to facilitate our business operations. As such, we can provide our clients with advice on how to adjust transnational patent application strategies.

Leaven, on behalf of its clients, also provides worldwide trademark protection planning services. Pursuant to our clients' global expansion timeline, the goods/services our clients manufacture or provide as well as the laws and legal practices of different countries or regions where the clients want to expand their business, our professionals provide our clients with worldwide trademark application planning services and application services. In addition, we will outline in our plans specifically the different steps to take, and the necessary countries/regions for the proposed trademark applications. Therefore, our services provide our clients with comprehensive, timely trademark protection and thus our international trademark protection planning services play an important role in clients' overseas business expansion strategy.