Patent & Technology Department


Our patent service has achieved these distinctions:

  1. Multinational professional service covering different technical fields
    Most staff have Doctors or Masters degrees from famous universities at home or abroad, covering mechanics, industrial design, automatic equipment, electrical machines, photographic electronics, communications, networks, semiconductors, software, chemistry, the chemical industry and biochemistry.
  2. A work team with professional qualifications in mainland China, Taiwan and the U.S.
    Staff members in the patent division, being qualified as lawyers or patent attorneys at home and abroad, are able to write patent application documents directly in English according to main national standards. Most of them have participated in domestic or foreign professional training courses, and can provide quality services to international customers.
  3. Patent management system
    In order to ensure processing efficiency of patent services and risk management and control, we combine with Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law to provide a computer system of patent management flow, to support internal management, submission of documents to official bodies, customer demands (for example, special flow management and electronic billing).
  4. Continuous tracking mechanism of regulations and practices in different countries
    In order to support the demands of business processing, we continuously track changes of patent laws of different countries, and important cases (in relation to application and litigation), and assist our customers in adjusting their strategies for transnational patent applications.


The Patent & Technology Department consists of administrative division, procedure division, electricity division, mechanics and design division, chemistry and biology division, and its professional members possess technical and legal backgrounds. Some have passed Chinese or other countries' judiciary examinations, and more than 90 percent of its professional staff have masters degrees or higher, either domestic or foreign; and are proficient in English. Distinctively, the Patent & Technology Department has a professional staff with widely diverse experience in treating international affairs, who provide efficient and high quality services, ensuring consistent reply and the prevention of repetition by use of a shared platform with partners. They provide services from a global perspective and also reduce work load and demands on the human input of our customers when dealing with applications in relevant countries/regions.

The company has, since its formation on October 2003, established a strategic alliance with Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law, the largest law firm in Taiwan, both parties providing quality services in the Great China area. The company represents customers in dealing with patent applications and maintenance (the number of patent applications we undertake for foreign customers ranks about 20th in China), and in exercising patent rights.


Our patent application and maintenance services cover: Chinese and multinational applications for patents 

  • Payment of annual fees on behalf of our customers
  • PPH examination acceleration procedures involving cooperation between China and other countries' patent offices
  • Patent reexamination
  • Patent searches
  • Patent surveillance
  • Patent invalidations
  • Administrative litigation for patents
  • Patent management
  • Consultation on global patent layout strategy

Services relating to exercising of patent rights covers:

  • Dealing with patent right transactions on behalf of customers
  • Analysis of patent infringement
  • Analysis of patent validity
  • Investigation and evidence collection relating to infringements
  • Administrative mediation in patent infringement disputes
  • Participation in arbitration
  • Consultation and negotiation for patent licensing
  • Contract planning and dispute settlement relating to patent rights
  • Consultation and drafting of patent-related contracts
  • Assessments of patent value
  • Customs filing of patents
  • Registration of patent rights pledge contracts

In addition, the members of our Patent and Technology Department take an active part in patent-related activities at home and abroad, including revision of related laws and regulations, access to domestic and foreign patent organizations, participation in patent seminars, addresses, and the publication of professional articles both at home and abroad.